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Lessons in the Garden

What do my garden pictures have to do with writing and proofreading? I'm a perfectionist, and while this is an essential trait for a proofreader, my desire for perfection didn't do any favors for my garden.

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Homeschool Chats

I love chatting about homeschool life—it has been a sweet, sweet blessing for my family. Mind you, it’s not without challenges, but it’s been worth the investment. Need encouragement to finish strong? Call me—I’ll cheer you on! Need encouragement or direction even to start homeschooling? I'm available for that, too! While I’m not an expert, I am committed and willing to be a resource, and I would love to sit down over coffee or watch our kids play at the park while we chat. First Impression Proofreading fills in the cracks of my schedule—for the next seven years, homeschooling still takes first place.

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Words Matter

Words matter; my daughters have heard me say this ump-teen times as I strive to teach them to use their words well. (Parents, this feels like a full-time job, yes?).  In a recent search for funny grammar jokes, I was disappointed to find most of the jokes and memes were rude and critical; that didn't sit well with me. When you trust me with your writing project, expect me to polish your words by removing distractions that are making your writing less effective. Are you unsure which there/their/they're or your/you're to use? No problem. Need help determining where to place your commas, hyphens, or semi-colons? I can help with that. On a more in-depth level, when you need assistance rephrasing your words to make them more readable and engaging or more concise and powerful, I can do that too. All the while, I will preserve your beautiful voice because your words matter. You write; I polish; it's as simple as that.

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Downtime Reading

Dreyer's English by Benjamin Dreyer was my downtime read last week; I devoured it while sitting at tae kwon do and gymnastics and picked it up at the house, sneaking in extra pages between the to-do list and family life. I suppose that’s one way to know freelance proofreading is a good fit because learning about the art of words has been rewarding, not drudgery. Like yours, my day is busy and time is precious. As far as I have control, I choose only to fill it with activities that fulfill my purpose as a Christ-follower, wife, mom, teacher, and, now (hopefully) proofreader. Oh, and, of course, Kansas City Chiefs fan, how about those Chiefs!

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First Impressions

When well-written, words can be engaging, compelling, and powerful, making a solid first impression. Don't distract your first impression with errors, typos, and poor choice of word. I look forward to partnering with you to polish your document while preserving your voice and revealing the power in your words. So, let's get started and make a powerful first impression!

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